Champions Training Center’s Eddie Lamonte Brings The Combat Night 155lb Title Back To Savannah!

Champions Training Center‘s Eddie Lamonte is the new Combat Night MMA Lightweight Champion! Eddie put on a masterful performance dominating every round en route to his Unanimous Decision win. Eddie is an IKF East Coast Muay Thai Champion so he is known for his brutal punching and devastating knees but in this fight he demonstrated strong takedowns, dominant ground control and brutal ground and pound. There were multiple times in the 2nd and 3rd round in which the referee could’ve stopped the fight but his opponent wiggled just enough to keep the fight going.

After the final bell rang, the announcer awarded Eddie the Unanimous Decision making him the Combat Night MMA 155lb Champion! Eddie now has titles in MMA, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and plans to collect a few titles in boxing in 2019.

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CTC’s Darrion Lawson Dominates His Pro Debut!

Champions Training Center’s Darrion Lawson put on a spectacular performance in his Pro Boxing debut. Darrion dropped his opponent early in the first round with a beautifully placed left hand and continued to batter his opponent throughout the round. This beating caused his opponent to retire on his stool after the first round making Darrion the winner via TKO!

Darrion had an extensive amateur career with over 140 fights and multiple championship titles. He grew up in a fight family and is cousins with current WBC World Champion Anthony Dirrell and former IBF World Champion Andre Dirrell. Boxing is in his blood and the sky is the limit for this talented boxer!

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Melanie Finishes Her Opponent in MMA Debut!!

Champions Training Center’s Melanie Carter won via submission in the 3rd round over a more experienced opponent in her MMA debut. Fighting a tough girl from SBG Athens, Melanie used superior wrestling and Jiu Jitsu to control her opponent and eventually secure the rear naked choke in the 3rd.

Melanie is a phenomenal athlete with an unparalleled work ethic. Next for Mel is the IBJJF No Gi World Championships in December.

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Champions Training Center Student Wins His 2nd Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Title!!!

CTC’s Anthony Harris is the 2018 IBJJF Brown Belt Open Division World Champion!!!!

For the 2nd year in a row, Anthony brought an IBJJF World Championship back to Savannah, GA!! Last year Anthony won Gold at the Purple Belt level and this year he did it again as a Brown Belt!

Anthony was the smallest competitor in the Open Weight category but that did not stop him from using strong guard passing and dominant top pressure to get to the top of the podium!! Anthony is now a two time IBJJF Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion!!!

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CTC Fighter Spotlight: Eddie Lamonte Gets Spectacular 8 second KO!!!

“Special” Eddie Lamonte proves that he is the future of the 155lb division in MMA with his amazing performance at Combat Night in Tallahassee, Florida. Eddie is a 6’4″ giant in of his division with ridiculous speed and crushing power. In his short career Eddie has already captured an IKF East Coast Muay Thai title and is now looking to jump to the top of of the South East’s MMA rankings!

Keep an eye on Eddie. He is a future superstar in MMA!!

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Champions Training Center MMA Fighters Have Amazing Performances At Combat Night In Tallahassee, Florida!!


Champions Training Center athletes had AMAZING performances this weekend with all fighters finishing their opponents in the first round!  Combat Night is Florida’s premier fighting promotions pitting the regions top professional and amateur fighters against each other in MMA action!


First up for CTC was James Miranda.  After a brief feeling out process, James pressured his opponent against the fence and set up a beautiful lateral drop takedown.  James immediately passed the guard, secured mount and started raining down punches on his opponent.  With his opponent unable to defend himself, the referee was forced to stop the fight at 1:02 of the first round.


Next up was “Special” Eddie Lamont.  Eddie’s fight was a firefight from the opening bell. Eddie quickly landed a devastating right hand that sent his opponent to the canvas head first.  Eddie followed him to the ground landing some mean ground and pound before the ref jumped in to stop the fight at the 8 second mark of round one.


Finally, Coach Muhsin Corbbrey stepped into the cage for his 54th professional fight.  Coach Muhsin faced a seasoned kick boxer/MMA fighter with close to 30 professional fights and dominated from the opening bell.  Coach Muhsin utilized his superior hand speed and mean low kicks before clinching and executing a Judo throw to take the fight to the ground.  He quickly passed the guard and established mount.  From mount, Coach landed brutal ground and pound forcing his opponent to turn away and give up his back.  From back mount, Muhsin quickly secured the rear naked choke to end the fight at 1:47 of the first round.

Champions Training Center fighters showed all ranges of Mixed Martial Arts to win their fights.  Our fighters displayed great boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and Jiu Jitsu to win their fights in dominant fashion.  Big thanks to the coaching staff at CTC:  Coach Muhsin – BJJ, Muay Thai, Coach Moses – Boxing, Coach Seth, Coach Chaise and Coach Brandon – Wrestling.

CTC  would also like to thank our sponsors: Blue Edge Business Solutions, Hempzilla CBD, Dr. McGinnis Chiropractic and Odom Construction Design.

After Taking Gold At The IBJJF ATL Open, Melanie Looks To Start Her MMA Career!

Melanie dominated her wight class at the IBJJF Atlanta Open this weekend using strong Jiu Jitsu and positional dominance to bring home the Gold Medal in her division.   After a college wrestling career, a strong run in BJJ tournaments and a win in Kickboxing, Melanie now plans to jump head first into MMA.  Melanie is a super hard worker and a fierce competitor.  She has the all of the tools to make it to the top of the sport!

Mel win

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Anthony Gets Gold In His Brown Belt Debut At The IBJJF Atlanta Open!!

Champion Training Center‘s Anthony Harris showed a ton of heart and determination in his Brown Belt Debut at the IBJJF Atlanta Open.  After a strong opening, Anthony fell short in his division losing on points in the finals and taking silver.  He regrouped, refocused and attacked the open weight division.  In the Open Division, Anthony cut through the competition using heavy pressure and a strong passing game.  After working his way through the division, he found himself in the finals against the competitor that beat him in his weight division.  This time, Anthony used strong top pressure and guard passing to win on points and take home Gold!! This was a great warm up for Anthony as he is prepping to win his second IBJJF World Title.

Anthony Gold

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